Poolside Basketball Hoops Make for Summer Fun

One of the latest trends in indoor and outdoor family sports is finding ways to take a couple of favorite athletic activities or sports and combining them together to form an entirely new game. The sport of poolside basketball follows this trend, which of course combines swimming with basketball. All you need to play is a poolside basketball hoop added to your swimming pool.

What is Different About a Poolside Basketball Hoop?

Best Portable Swimming Pool Basketball HoopEach manufacturer may make their poolside basketball hoops a little differently than their competitors, but in the end they are all pretty much alike. They are all built to be closer to the ground than standard basketball hoops. This is what makes “dunking” the ball possible while in the pool. The lower hoop also makes it more likely that the ball will wind up back in the water after someone takes a shot.

On the other hand, some poolside hoops can be adjusted much higher from the ground, up to 8 feet above the water-line. This added height makes sinking the ball whole a lot harder. Most poolside hoops can easily be moved around, which allows you to enjoy the entire pool when not playing basketball.

Poolside hoops are all built to regulation and come with the standard backboard with the required markings so that players can perfect their aim. These hoops come with a weighted base to prevent them from tipping over into the water during a game. However, if a player grabs the rim and hangs on while dunking, there is a very good chance the hoop will tip over and fall into the water.

Difference Between a Poolside Hoop and a Standard Regulation Hoop

The main difference between these two is the size of the backboard. A poolside basketball hoop has a much smaller backboard than a regulation hoop. The reason for this is primarily to reduce the overall weight of the hoop so that it can more easily be transported. Also, because it isn’t so top-heavy it is less likely to tip over and fall into the pool. Although the backboard is smaller, the rims are regulation size, which means you can play poolside basketball with a standard size ball.

Because they are so much closer to the ground these hoops are usually only used for poolside basketball, but if you have toddlers or young children they could certainly enjoy playing basketball with your poolside hoop set up outside the pool.

Poolside Hoops is Growing in Popularity

It used to be that the only places where you would find poolside basketball hoops would be in private swimming pools. However since the game has become so popular you will now find them at gyms and country clubs. They have also become affordable for almost any homeowner with a swimming pool, ranging in price from $99 up to as much as $1,200. Features such as size, setup instructions, and the kind of anchoring system involved are what brings about the variation in price. There are many different poolside hoops to choose from, so you can certainly find one with the features you need and that fits within your budget for “games and toys.”

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